Everybody Always
Begins the week of January 27, 2019
Everybody Always is a five-week experiment in learning how to love everybody, always like God does.  Each session will explore a different aspect of this love through the teachings and stories of  Bob Goff.  There will be an opening question, a little Bible reading, and then you’ll watch Bob on the video.  During your time with your Connection Group you will process the content of Bob’s message, ask questions and learn from others as you listen to what God’s love is doing in the lives of those in your group.

Sunday Afternoons in the Lifetree Café
Beginning January 27th for five weeks @ 4:00pm
Led by Pastor Eula Hledik

Wednesday Evenings in the Library/Conference Room
Beginning January 30th for five weeks @ 6:30pm
Led by Dr. Tom

Wednesday afternoons in the Renaissance Classroom
Beginning January 30th for five weeks @ 1:30pm
Led by Dorothy Ramsey

Thursday morning in the Renaissance Classroom
SonShine Girlz
Beginning January 31st for five weeks @ 10:15am
Led by Judy Moses

Saturday Morning in the Lifetree Cafe
Beginning February 2nd for five weeks @ 9:00am
Led by Jeffry Harris


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