VBS: June 10th-June 13th 5:30-8:00 PM

We are gearing up to see our campers! Don’t forget to sign your elementary kiddo up for Compassion Camp, invite your neighbors, and share with your friends!

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Children’s Mission Statement:

Growing confident, curious, and connected individuals who come to see and know God through justice, advocacy, and compassion.


Who we are
  • Our role in Children and Family Ministry is for children to know they are seen and loved.
  • Our children’s ministry strives to be neurodiverse friendly, trauma informed, and pro-reconciling/anti-racist. When we say all are welcome, we continually work to mean all. Valuing diversity in culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ability, and theology. We continually work towards being a space that is welcoming for all to feel seen, loved, and integrated as a part of our community.
  • We are called to study and read scriptures for ourselves. Our role includes teaching children how to read, question, doubt, find God, and find themselves within the stories in the bible by thoughtfully studying scripture while taking into account the history and context in which is was written.


To register your children for any of the following events or ministries please fill out our registration from

Sunday Mornings

Nursery:  Available during SS and Worship times
9:30am NC3 Kids Sunday School (1st-5th grade)


(Infants – Kindergarten)

Nursery:  Available during SS and Worship times.

New Covenant Christian church offers a full nursery. We continually strive to provide safe, loving care for children while their adults attend activities throughout the church. Each classroom is staffed with an adult over 18 and a co-worker to meet our Because We Care Policy. All of our staff and volunteers have passed recent and thorough background checks to ensure the safety of all those in our care. Nursery is available for infants through Kindergarten at both the Sunday School and Worship times.








NC3 Kids

(1st-5th grade)

9:30am NC3 Kids Sunday School (1st-5th grade):

Sunday School is the time we dive into the scripture for that week in age-appropriate ways. Our goal is for children to be able to go home and talk with their adults about what they learned from that week’s scripture and encourage everyone to talk and wonder together what they believe as a family.

Pray Ground

During 10:45am Worship

Our Pray Ground is a kid-friendly place in our sanctuary. Children belong in worship. Giggles, wiggles, and all. This space is for young people to stay engaged and worship as they are with their own gifts. Through coloring, playing, and being with the whole community they see a glimpse of what the kingdom of God is like. This is also a perfect spot for visitors who are not yet comfortable leaving their adults to stay connected and welcome.

 Worship and Wonder

Montessori-based worship experience for young children

Worship and Wonder is a Montessori-based worship experience for young children during the sermon. Staff and volunteers will walk children to the Worship and Wonder space right off the sanctuary and children will return in time for communion. While in Worship and Wonder children will listen to a bible story told by a trained storyteller and then they are invited to wonder and question, responding to how they see themselves in the story and how they see God in their world. We are not here to tell kids what to believe. We are here for them to learn to wonder and worship. We are laying the foundation for life long discipleship and invite parents to walk alongside children in their faith formation.

Sunday Afternoons

NC3 Kids “Midweek”


“Midweek” is our Sunday afternoons opportunity to connect. This is where we explore our identity in justice, advocacy, and compassion.

We begin each Midweek with centers and worship. Then the structure of our lessons will follow what is called Faith5. Faith5 is not a curriculum but a predictable routine. The 5 points are Share, Read, Talk, Pray, Bless. While reading our story children will be given a snack.

This past year we worked through an Interfaith curriculum. We read stories from different faith traditions and saw how they all point back to a desire for Peace. This interfaith curriculum helped our kids’ grow their empathy muscles.

Family Ministries

This ministry wraps around families to help them grow stronger and healthier bonds with each other. We understand creating a family culture of talking and listening to one another is hard. We strive to surround families with a village that supports them through the highs and lows.

This looks like family-friendly planned events throughout the year where congregation members are invited to be grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins by entering into the mess and fun. This also looks like parenting resources available to check out when your family goes through the predictable milestones or struggles of life.

From age appropriate body talk books to age appropriate books on grief and death, we are here to walk along side you through life’s highs and lows. Parenting is too hard and too important of a job to have to do alone.